6′ Fisher American Fume Hood w/ Blue Flammable & ACID Storage & 14′ Laboratory Cabinet Group (CU-152)

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Proudly Made in the USA
with domestic and global parts

Discover enhanced laboratory safety with our CU 152, a top-notch 6-foot fume hood built for lasting durability and optimal efficiency. Prioritizing safety, it features a dual glass sash and baffles, ensuring a secure environment and substantial energy savings.

Pair it with blue flammable and acid storage cabinets, a practical work surface, service valves, LED lighting, an intuitive switch, and outlets. Personalize your setup with options like a sink, gooseneck faucet, extra service valves, and additional outlets. Keep in mind that all hoods require hard-wiring and a dedicated blower for operation.

Upgrade your laboratory effortlessly with our CLU 152 fume hood and quality cabinets, offering a seamless blend of safety features and practicality for your workspace.


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Fume Hood Dimensions

Fume Hood - Exterior (inches):

Width: 72

Depth: 31

Height: 54

Height w/cabinet: 89

Work Area - Interior (inches):

Width: 62

Depth: 23

Height: 45

Fume Hood Attributes:


AC Power Plug

Valves: CW, GAS

Storage: Flammable & Acid

Cabinets Dimensions

Base Cabinets:

Width: 168"

Height: 35"

Depth: 24"


Cup or Large Sink


Extra Outlets

Extra Valves

Gooseneck Water Valve

Cabinet Widths:

48″ – 2 Door

Fume Hood w/ Storage

36″ – 2 Door, 2 Drawer

48″ – 2 Door, 2 Drawer

36″ – 2 Door, 2 Drawer